Music Makes My Day

Age Group

  • Birth to 1 1/2 years

Play is always more fun when it’s musical! So get ready for a musical adventure full of fun and play to enjoy throughout your day. You'll discover songs for splashing at bath time, tapping at meal time, tossing balls at playtime, and relaxing at bedtime. This collection is as diverse as your day, with fiddle tunes, lively jazz, calypso, hip hop, and more.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 Bubbles on Me 2:48
2 Sourwood Mountain, v1 2:33
3 Toodala, v1 0:57
4 Corre Burriquito 2:55
5 Calypso Joe 2:06
6 I See You, v2 1:36
7 Kitchen Commotion 2:23
8 Toembai, v1 (instrumental) 2:22
9 She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain, v3 2:37
10 Hush, Little Baby, v3 2:00

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