The Best of Kindermusik: Volume 1

Age Group

  • Whole Family

You’re in for a musical treat! This delightful collection of Kindermusik classics brings together the best Kindermusik class songs in one place. Find a wide array of original songs and timeless favorites in such styles as calypso, ballad, New Orleans jazz, folk, lullaby, and more. Expertly arranged and produced, discover the unique sounds of Kindermusik.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
2 The Keel Row, v1 1:29
3 Wishy Washy Wee!, v1 1:07
4 Hey Lolly 2:15
5 The Toe Tappin', Foot Stompin', Egg Shakin' Blues, v1 1:56
6 All Around the Kitchen 2:06
7 Hop Up, My Baby 2:31
8 Rurru, v1 1:37
9 With My Baby on My Knee, v1 1:19
10 Ally Bally 2:34
11 The Wheels on the Bus, v2 1:57
12 In the City 1:21
13 Kerry's Ten Penny Wash 4:38
14 Fiddle-Dee-Dee 2:31
15 Sing Your Way Home, v1 2:18
16 The Water Is Wide, v3 (instrumental) 3:08

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As the leading provider of music and movement programs since 1978, Kindermusik has helped millions of children around the globe build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.