America the Musical: Volume 1

Age Group

  • 5 and up

Gather round and enjoy this collection of historical ballads inspired by the culture, politics, and lifestyles of early America. This musical review of American History from 1776-1899 brings each era to life with vivid characters, engaging and humorous dialogue, and songs about the times. Kid-friendly content is full of interesting facts and makes this an unforgettable musical lesson in history.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 America the Beautiful 5:56
2 Yankee Doodle, v1 2:52
3 Erie Canal 4:47
4 Oh! Susanna, v2 3:21
6 When Johnny Comes Marching Home 2:48
7 The Yellow Rose of Texas 3:38
9 Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill! 2:52

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