Cutest Little Baby Face

Age Group

  • Birth to 1 1/2 years

The magic of a baby’s face is the inspiration of this collection. You'll find songs about the cuteness, spontaneity, and pure enchantment in a newborn's eyes. Swaying rhythms and soothing melodies give these new and traditional songs life. You'll be tickling, humming, playing peek-a-boo, or simply gazing into your baby’s wondrous face. These tunes will help you cherish time spent with your little one.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 Pretty Baby 3:00
2 Skinnamarink, v1 2:10
4 Sweetest Little Baby, v1 1:16
5 Peekaboo 1:02
6 I See You 2:27
7 Toodala, v1 1:02
8 My Baby's Face 3:14
9 Baby-O, v3 2:50
10 Little Sugar 3:00
12 Hop Up, My Baby 2:33

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