FT Our Kind of Day Home Album Vol. 1

Age Group

  • Whole Family

Catchy, toe-tapping tunes will have you bopping through playtime, meal time, clean-up time, bath time, and night time. You'll find something for any time of day! This collection combines some familiar songs and some that will quickly become new favorites. Your little ones will be singing, listening, dancing, playing, and sharing. "Our Kind of Day" was created as part of the Kindermusik Family Time class for ages newborn and up.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 We're a Musical Family, v1 1:07
2 I Love My Family 1:29
3 Toodala 1:00
4 Children Laughing 0:14
5 Little Red Wagon 1:06
6 Skinnamarink, v1 2:08
7 Keep the Ball a-Rolling (En roulant ma boule) 1:21
8 The More We Get Together, v1 3:03
9 Bouncing On The Bed 2:47
10 Ring Around the Rosey, v1 0:59
12 Toast-Making Sequence, v1 0:22
13 Toast, Toast, v1 0:58
14 Go into the Kitchen 1:38
15 Rattle on the Stovepipe, v1 1:28
16 Two Little Apples/Shake, Shake The Apple Tree 1:16
17 Shalom Haverim, v1 1:37
18 Intermezzo Op. 118 #2 (Johannes Brahms) 2:05
19 Little Sacka Sugar (Little Sugar) 3:01
20 Sing Through the Week, v1 1:15

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