FT Movin' & Groovin' Home Album: Vol. 1

Age Group

  • 3 to 5
  • Whole Family

Get ready to romp, stomp, rock, and roll with this collection of move-and-groove songs. You'll be chugging like a train, clip-clopping like a horse, and rolling over like a puppy dog. Energetic, upbeat tunes will keep you on your feet and having a blast. "Movin' and Groovin'" was created as part of the Kindermusik Family Time class for ages newborn and up.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 We're a Musical Family, v1 1:05
1 Good-Bye Jive 1:05
2 Tiptoe Fast and Slow 1:47
3 My Pony, Joe 1:38
4 Horse Trotting and Galloping 0:23
5 Lento Y Rapido (Slowly and Quickly) 2:29
6 Itsy Bitsy Mouseykins 0:50
7 Raisins and Almonds, v1 3:21
8 Riding the Rails, v1 3:09
9 Walk Along, Rover 1:33
10 Suliram, v1 2:41
11 The Duke of York, v1 1:07
12 Nigerian Boat Song 3:19
13 Mister Sun, v5 3:10
14 Hop Up, My Baby 2:33
15 Eensy Weensy Spider 0:39
16 Slide Whistle 0:12
17 Silly Slides, v1 1:34
20 Sing Through the Week, v1 1:15

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