FT Make Way for Music Home Album: Vol. 2

Age Group

  • Whole Family

Get a taste of all the different elements of music—beat, rhythm, voice, and melody. Listen as different instrument families play together as ensembles. You’ll enjoy a wide range of songs, fingerplays, circle dances, and family jams! "Make Way for Music" was created as part of the Kindermusik Family Time class for children ages newborn and up.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 We're a Musical Family, v1 1:09
2 We are Fine Musicians 2:39
3 Skye Boat Song, v1 3:01
5 Galopede 4:17
6 The Water Is Wide, v2 3:09
7 Belfast Hornpipe 2:46
9 Uskudar 2:25
10 Arirang Hill 3:10
11 Bird's Chorus 1:33
12 Bird Sounds: Cuckoo, Hummingbird, Chickadee, Cardinal 0:53
14 Duermete Mi Nino 2:45
15 Old Joe Clark 1:27
17 Sing a Song of Sixpence, v1 2:05
18 Armenian Lullaby 1:19
19 Animals On Parade 0:45
20 Wraggle-Taggle Tambourine, v1 (instrumental) 1:40
21 Sorida, v1 1:45
22 Sing Through the Week, v1 1:15

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