Do-Re-Me & You! Favorites

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What’s YOUR favorite song? This twelve-song collection takes the best of the best from our Do-Re-Me & You musical series and puts them all together in one place. How might you best describe this album? Maybe: energizing, contagious, have-to-move, laugh-til-your-sides-hurt fun. Little ones will giggle and cry out, "One more time, please!"

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 Wheels on the Bus, v1 3:03
2 I Wish I Was 3:47
4 How Do You Spell Mississippi? 2:04
5 A House Just Right for Me 2:30
6 Old Joe Clark, v2 2:36
7 Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow 2:43
8 Ten in the Bed, v1 2:49
9 Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere 2:03
10 Arrrgh! 2:41
11 Piggy Jig 2:04
12 Monkey See, Monkey Do, v5 2:14

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