Dem Bones

Age Group

  • 5 and up

The leg bone's connected to the knee bone! This hip collection of silly skeleton songs is packed with kid-friendly information. Your ball joints will be swiveling and your metatarsals tap-tap-tappin’ in no time. Meet the vivid characters who make this one-of-a-kind collection come to life—Jack, T-Bone, Wilhelm, and the whole gang. Groove to classic tunes and some brand new ones, too. Don’t forget to sing along—your mandible will love the workout!

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 Dem Bones 2:25
2 Intro: Can You Dig It? 0:49
3 Can You Dig it? 2:49
4 Body Limbo 2:23
5 Intro: Jellyfish 0:27
6 Jellyfish 2:53
7 Intro: Ankle Bone 0:18
8 Ankle Bone 2:28
9 T-Bone's Lesson 5:17
10 Intro: Hungry Bone Blues 0:27
11 Hungry Bone Blues 2:04
12 Intro: X-Ray 0:24
13 X-Ray 4:02

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