Critter Giggles

Age Group

  • 5 and up

Are you ready to giggle? "Critter Giggles" will appeal to your child's silly side. Familiar folk and children's songs take on a new life in the styles of jazz, rock, bluegrass, and swing. A chorale of children's voices make this a great sing-along collection. You never know what to expect on "Critter Giggles", but whatever it is it's sure to tickle your funny bone.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 Polly Wolly Doodle, v4 4:30
3 Bought Me a Cat 2:54
4 The Old Woman's Pig 2:23
5 Sally the Camel 1:55
6 Rocky Mountain, v1 2:33
7 Jig Along Home (Woody Guthrie) 2:26
8 Boom, Boom! Ain't It Great to Be Crazy? 2:32
10 Down by the Bay 3:30
12 The Green Grass Grew All Around, v1 4:38

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