10 in the Bed

Age Group

  • 3 to 5

Fun, silly, and soothing songs come together with just the right balance to make up this counting and learning collection. "10 in the Bed" is comprised of well-known folk tunes and children's songs about all sorts of farm animals—performed in a bluegrass style with “storyteller vocals.” Give a special listen to how the guitar, piano, and harmonica all come together.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 This Old Man, v1 3:43
2 Ten in the Bed, v1 2:47
3 Five Little Ducks 3:10
4 Farmer Brown's Cow 4:33
5 The Farmer in the Dell, v1 (instrumental) 4:01
6 The Ants Go Marching 2:51
7 Old MacDonald, v2 6:16
8 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe 1:37
9 Donkeys Love Carrots 4:38
10 Five Little Chickadees 2:56
11 I Had a Little Rooster 4:04
12 I Went to Visit a Farm, v2 2:31
13 One in the Middle 1:52
14 Mary Had a Little Lamb, v2 1:07

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