I'm the Teacher!

Age Group

  • 5 and up

Miss Garbanzo and Mr. Zestopepper lead the way through this collection of contagious songs about life in the classroom. But this is no ordinary classroom—music takes over every topic, from numbers to letters to planets to Spanish! Each song guides you through a typical (albeit silly) day at school. You'll find games, activities, lessons, and stories. Get ready to jump right into every song! Musical styles include bluegrass, big band, rock ‘n roll, Latin, and hip-hop.

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Track List

# Track Name Length
1 The Welcome Song 1:32
2 The Planet Guessing Game 3:27
3 The Letter Detectives 2:48
4 The Gingerbread Man (story) 5:21
5 Where Am I? 1:54
6 Spanish Lesson (Story) 2:11
7 Days of the Week 2:30
8 Burpee, Burpee, Jumping Jack & Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes 2:52
9 London Bridge 2:29
10 You Can Count on Your Fingers 2:49
11 The Going Home Song 0:49

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