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Amazing Travel Fun for Kids on the Go

From Kindermusik's Training curriculum.
For Ages: 5 and up

This compilation of groovy tunes will get you cruising down country roads and spinning your wheels on Route 66. Travel songs keep little ones busy, engaged, and thinking while they travel. You won't find a boring moment in this collection of toe-tapping country western, rock ‘n roll, and folksy tunes.

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Track Name Time   Downloads
1 On the Road Again 2:44
3 Get Your Kicks on Route 66 2:50
5 Country Roads 3:28
7 If I Had a Hammer 4:06
9 Down by the Bay, v3 3:45
12 Riding in My Car (full track) 2:59
13 Riding in My Car (Drumming activity track) 3:57