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The Kindermusik Road Trip

Kindermusik International presents the Road Trip Rhythm Playlist, a 14 song album of kid's music. Inspire your family road trips with this wonderful selection of kid's songs, designed to make the family car a more musical place that inspires learning and creates lifelong memories. Music can help you bond with your children and create a musical learning environment - in the car, at home, at school, and anywhere!
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How many different ways can you zoom? This album of get-up-and-go songs will have you on your feet in no time. Lyrical cues give you all the right hints for different ways to leap, jump, shake, climb, walk, and run. Pretend to be a rocketship, a car, a horse, a buggy, a bike, a train, and more.

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What's the Weather?

Come on in to this one-of-a-kind musical weather station! Stan, the musical narrator, leads you through songs, dances, and play-alongs that will transform any rainy day into an indoor play date. Jump in imaginary puddles, watch snowflakes, or hold onto your hat as we stroll along on a windy day. Indoors can be just as much fun as outdoors with a little imagination!

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Get Up and Move

Time to get up and get moving with this collection of high-energy, high-excitement tunes. Movement directions are built right into the songs! Little ones simply follow directions to exercise, develop listening skills, and express creative energy. You'll find your favorite get-up-and-move songs and some brand new ones that will quickly become favorites.

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Rupert, the Wrong Word Pirate

Ahoy, Matey! Check out this fine collection of songs about a lovable pirate who confuses his words but is a true captain of the seven fleas . . . . er, seas. Aargh!

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Welcome to Kindermusik

Kindermusik is a community of families and music educators passionately committed to nurturing children and empowering parents through engaging musical experiences. Here we offer the very finest and authentic reproductions of classic children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and stories—as well as original music and stories. All were designed to be a part of our awesome, creative, fun, silly, and developmentally appropriate classroom and home activities for parents and kids. Find out more about Kindermusik under the "Classes" tab.

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Wheels Go Round

Gear up to chug, race, and beep your way through this collection of vehicle-themed songs. Whish like a windshield wiper, bump up and down along the road, and climb into a variety of modes of transportation. Each song draws out the fun of musical pretend play. You'll find familiar songs and new favorites to keep everyone moving, all while learning how to listen and follow direction.

Have a Ball

It's an open invitation for musical fun and ball play. Upbeat, bouncy, and rolly songs will inspire new ways to play along with the music. Let the music be your guide from one activity to the next. Ball play is international—you’ll hear traditional children songs from France, America, England, Scotland, and Ireland.
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Most frequently downloaded tracks Oct. 23rd to Oct. 30th.

Name   Downloads
You Are My Sunshine, v1
Baby Bumblebee
Animal Serenade
Hello, How Do You Do!
Our Time Hello
Miss Mary Mack
The Farmer in the Dell, v2 (instrumental)
Come All Ye Shepherds
Dem Bones
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What is Kindermusik?

Sing. Move. Listen. Share.

Shake the maraca, beat the bongos, scrape the frog-shaped guiro, and play the energy chimes. Dance, march, skip, and stretch. Swing your partner and then rock to a lullaby. Smile and laugh. Good for you and good for your child, Kindermusik classes provide a place, time, and community in which you and your child can get away from the bustle of everyday life and just enjoy each other’s company—and benefit from the many ways in which engaging in active music-making trains the brain and soothes the soul.

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